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How to arrange the storage shelves for warehouse?[ 12-27 16:49 ]
How to arrange the storage shelves for warehouse?
How to arrange shelves reasonably for convenient stores[ 12-27 16:43 ]
How to arrange shelves reasonably for convenient stores
How to maintain the daily shelves and display cabinets of supermarkets[ 12-27 16:34 ]
How to maintain the daily shelves and display cabinets of supermarkets
Welland Metal Wardrobe: Storage season, find a place for winter clothes[ 12-27 16:08 ]
Welland Metal Wardrobe: Storage season, find a place for winter clothes
Changsheng at Canton Fair 2018 (October, Autumn)[ 10-29 10:29 ]
Changsheng at Canton Fair 2018 (October, Autumn)
Successful 123rd Canton Fair[ 04-29 16:43 ]
Successful 123rd Canton Fair
Changsheng -Visit us at the 123rd Canton Fair[ 04-23 18:30 ]
Changsheng -Visit us at the 123rd Canton Fair
How To Make a Workbench Using a Shelving Rack.[ 09-01 15:08 ]
Cutting the Wood Determine the size of your workbench. The size of the work bench is really your choice but for the purpose of this article, we will make a workbench that is 50 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. Cut the side rails from the 2x4s....
How to Clean Plastic Wire Shelving[ 09-01 15:06 ]
Remove clothing or anything on or directly beneath the plastic-coated shelves. If the items cannot be removed, cover with a layer of paper towels or spread a clean bed sheet over them. Spray the plastic-coated shelves with an all purpose cleaner, completely c...
How to Remove Wire Shelving[ 09-01 15:05 ]
Look at the edges of the wire shelving where it connects to the shelf brackets that support it. It will be attached in one of three ways: by tension, with a clip or with a screw clip. If you have tension shelves, grab the outside edges of the shelf and pull th...
How to Install Wire Shelving[ 09-01 15:02 ]
Measure your closet. On a piece a paper, make a scale sketch of the closet and position the shelving and accessories where you will need them. Buy the pieces of steel shelving that would fit into your closet space. Open-weave-wire shelving is generally best f...
A Good Bathroom Space is a Need to Build[ 09-01 14:59 ]
Bathroom decoration cost is the highest, for the bathroom to receive us how to do it better? For this situation we need to understand from several aspects, also need to look at from a different point of view, so how can we let the bathroom frame to build more ...
Cloth storage box[ 09-01 14:31 ]
"Welland" branded choth storage box is made of high quality non-woven cloths , TC cloths, Canvas and Oxford Cloths PU leather,PVC leather, PVC leather etc, available in full sizes and  designs, Matched  with wire shelving perfectly to organ...
Love life, love welland[ 09-01 14:29 ]
"Welland"DIY wire shelving is a functional house products especially for people living in towns with high -density population, it has adventage of expandable length, which and height in various size ,easy assembly and flexible design without any tool
Our company-Zhongshan Changsheng Metal Products Co,.LTD[ 09-01 14:28 ]
Our company Established in 1996, with a long history specializing in making household products and metal furniture, including all kinds of household storage racks, plastic storage cabinets and commercial wire shelving etc. Our products are much popular thanks...
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