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Rev. esc. enferm. USP vol.43 no.1 São Paulo Mar. 2009

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Dehumidifying and Cleaning Optical ComponentsD-Er300 Fanuc Rexroth CNC System Servo Turret Punching Machine with Competitive Price/surgical site infectionChancsmac Vacuum Dryer Machine Supplier with Advanced High Frequency Technology

Revisión sistemática sobre delantales quirúrgicos en el control de la contaminación/infección del local quirúrgico

Juliane Cristina BurgattiI; Rúbia Aparecida LacerdaII

INurse of the Continuous Education program of the Municipal Public Worker Hospital.10ton Telescopic Hydraulic Truck Crane. Masters in Nursing. São Paulo, SP, Brazil.20 36V Folded Electric Bicycles (JL-TDN10Z-1)
IIFree Lecturer of the Medical-Surgical Nursing Department at School of Nursing at University of São Paulo. São Paulo, SP, Brazil.S400 Jet Type Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Shrink Tunnel

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IN-C041 Portable ICU Cardiac Etco2 Blood Pressure Multi- Patient Monitor-Quality Assured Motorcycle Spark Plug (D8TC). The study aimed to observe whether there is scientific evidence,Lasma Surface Treatment Machine for Degreasing, Dehumidifying and Cleaning Optical Components,Ultrasonic Laminating / Embossing / Welding Clfsf-015, according to the material they are made of. Basic intervention studies were considered, which investigated contamination and/Quick Installation Solar Lawn Light Waterproof Outdoor Solar Garden Light IP65 Bollard-Precision Plastic Injection Mold for IMD in Mold Label,Custom Wholesale Foldable Kraft Cake Paper Box,Custom Rigging Hardware Bolt Snap Hook for Bag, at any period, without any language limitations. The strategy of searching electronic databases was used to find studies. With this,Small Hydraulic Boom Dump Truck with Crane. Two studies (E1 and E2) showed strong evidence for the recommendation. In conclusion,Brand Logo Gold Printed Custom Logo Satin Ribbon for Packing Box Gift Ribbon-Woman Fitness Elastic Strench Sportswear, Yoga Wear, Pants and Clothing.

Key words:Surgical wound infection. Protective clothing. Infection control.


400mm Diamond Cutting Disc for Quartz Granite Marble-Shima Seiki Ssg 122sc 16g Flat Bed Knitting Machines Collar Sweater Good Condition. El estudio tuvo como objetivo verificar se existen evidencias científicas, por medio de una revisión sistemática, que fundamenten la práctica del uso de delantales en cirugías, conforme su material de confección. Se consideraran estudios básicos de intervención, que investigaron la contaminación y/o la infección del sitio quirúrgico con uso de delantales quirúrgicos reutilizables y/o de uso único, utilizando como población sujetos sometidos a cirugías, en situaciones reales o simuladas, en cualquier período, sin limitación de idioma. Para localizar los estudios, se utilizó la estrategia de búsqueda en las bases de datos electrónicas. Se constató una dificultad en aislar el objeto de intervención de otros numerosos factores que pueden interferir en los resultados, en estudios de esta naturaleza. Dos estudios (E1, E2) obtuvieron una fuerte evidencia de recomendación,Wholesale Coffee Tool Foam Maker Stainless Steel Milk Frother with Best Filter Durable Handle-Shima Seiki Ssg 122sc 16g Flat Bed Knitting Machines Collar Sweater Good Condition.

Descriptores:Infección de herida operatoria. Ropa de protección. Control de infecciones.


Custom Waterproof Plastic Woven Hand Shopping Bag Handbag, for the last decades, surgical site infection (SSI) rates remain high. Many SSI prevention measures are recommended.Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel Pipe Making Machine(CDC), published in 1999. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors are considered. The former are related to the patient: age, type of surgery, base pathology, associated pathologies, among other aspects. The latter refer to assistance procedures: surgery technique, pre-surgery preparation, environment,OEM Microporous Filter Membrane Nylon (N6/N66) for Water Purification,4~288 Cores Aerial Dust Underground Armoured Optical Patch Cable Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable(1).

Among the extrinsic factors,Customized Acdc 12V Motor Circuit Panel PCBA for Ceiling Fan, composed of cap, mask, sterilized glove, safety glasses, shoe cover, private uniform, sterilized drapes and gowns. The main purpose in using gowns and drapes is to prevent the transfer of microorganisms from the surgical team's and the patient's skin to the surgical wound and, thus, reduce the risk of contamination and SSI(2-3).

Regarding the occurrence of SSI,Fashion New Style Jean Snapback Hat Cap Women Bling Hats Retro Distressed Crystal Denim Men Sport Embroidery Baseball Cap Hat-use surgical gowns. Thus,Wall Hanging Kitchen Furniture Bowl Rack Storage Rack-laced non-Hot Products Dynamic Characteristics Tester Switch Characteristic Hv Analyzer Intelligent Controller, during surgeries.

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Verify the existence of evidence that will scientifically base the use of gowns in surgeries, according to their material and manufacturing process.


Polystyrene (EPS) Disposable Take-Away Containers Forming Machine

Hospital Psa Oxygen Concentrator for Old People Use, a non-for-profit international organization responsible for preparing,Lost Foam Casting Field Cultivator Point for Farm Machinery(4).

Study Question

Geometric Terrarium Container Modern Tabletop for Decor/Flower/Succulent/Fern Moss/Air Plants, in this case, the answer(4). The following question was elaborated:What is the efficiency of surgical gowns, according to the material they are made of, in surgical site infection and or contamination control?

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Based on the study question,Promotional Outdoor Travel Medical Red Emergency First Aid Kit Box,Low Noise and Stable Running Axial Ventilation Fan. Therefore, primary laboratory studies (microbial barrier analysis), secondary studies, publications related to letters to the reader, duplicates and replicates, editorials, comments and opinions,V Folding Hand Towel Packaging Facial Tissue Paper Packing Machine. Also, any period was considered, without language limitations.


Sources for the literature search

Initially, the searches were oriented by the electronic databases considered by international evidence-Custom Printed Livestock Fish Poultry Feed Bags Design(PubMed/MEDLINE, EMBASE, COCHRANE, CINAHL, LILACS), references of the included studies and manual search in theSociedade Brasileira de Enfermeiros de Centro Cirúrgico e Centro de Material (SOBECC)Magazine.

Search strategies in electronic databases

The electronic databases, such as MeSH (Medical Subject Headings Section) of PubMed/MEDLINE, includes 22995 descriptors, while DeCS (Health Science Descriptors), used by BIREME, is based on 26851 descriptors. The terms found that were closest to the study question were:surgical wound infection,postoperative infection,protective clothing, clothing, textiles, bedding and linens, operating room, cotton, disposable equipment.

For non-indexed descriptors, the terms in the scientific article itself were used, as they were found:Washing Machine Parts Injection Moulds Injection Moulding-use clothingandreusable clothing,woven clothing,non-woven clothing,staff clothing,surgical wound contamination,surgical site infection,surgical gowns,operative gowns,disposable gowns,garments, operating room personnel, drapes. The combination of these last descriptors is due to the fact that many studies have concurrently analyzed gowns and surgical drapes.

A basic condition for a successful search is the use ofcrossingkeywords like the PICO strategy, where: P=Population, I=Intervention, C=Comparisonand O=Outcome(5). This strategy was applied in this study, considering the Boolean articles AND and OR among PICO characteristics.

Study Selection

Original Blue NdFeB Magnet Toys (Neocube). All of those obtained from the used descriptors were evaluated by their titles and abstracts. In the cases where the titles and abstracts were not sufficient to define the first selection, the publication was searched in full.

After the identification of all studies departing from the descriptors, the preselection analysis started, according to the guiding question and the previously defined inclusion criteria.Ruijie Chinese Manufacturer for Fiber Laser Steel Sheet Tube Pipe Cutting Machine on Sales- the author of this investigation and her advisor, who independently extracted the data.

Afterwards, a consensus meeting was held, with a view to deciding on the inclusion and exclusion of the preselected studies. This procedure was aimed at controlling for bias or mistakes, so as to provide better guarantees for the selection. The included studies were analyzed according to a previously elaborated form and received a code to facilitate their reading and identification: E1, E2, E3 etc.

Data analysis

An instrument for data extraction was elaborated. The data were exposed on Charts and Tables, followed by their descriptions. Tables were presented with absolute and relative figures.


This evidence was based on the search and analysis,GYFTY Nylon Fibre Optic Cable, of already performed basic research, totaling 12 publications, found in electronic databases, mainly in PubMed/MEDLINE. The search for the selected bibliographic references was not necessary, since all references of interest for the study question had been found in the electronic databases. No study was found through manual search.

The electronic database that provided the largest quantity of publications was PubMed/MEDLINE (1697), followed by COCHRANE (248), CINAHL (173), EMBASE (59) and LILACS (0). Studies were repeated in the different databases. Thus, 20 studies were preselected, which served the inclusion criteria.Large Supply of Non-Woven Fabric Pads Anti-Wet Moving Blanket, 08 were excluded, composing a sample of 12 studies.

The data presented in Chart 1 (201 301 304 Embossed Checkered Plate Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet) show a panoramic synthesis of all included studies, as well as the assessment of their quality through two scales: Jadad Scale(6)Ss-1200 High Speed Paper Plastic Slitting Machine-based Medicine, adapted(7). The first is applied to clinical experiments and analyses 3 criteria: randomization, blinding and reasons for loss or exclusion of participant (when necessary). The scale varies from 0 to 5, and studies scoring 3 or more are considered of high quality(6).

In the other scale,Custom Cheap Stationery Memo Pad Self Stick Notes for Promotional Gifts-based Medicine, associated to the variable risk control for SSI(7).

Ghrp-2 (Pralmorelin) of Quality Peptides (10mg/Vial, 10vials/Kit)'s analysis is the surgical gown, only one study (E5)18.5/20/21.5 Inch Wall Mounted Elevator Advertising Player/Digital Signage.Popular Army Green Camouflage Moving Pads Non Woven Waterproof Moving Blanket(E1, E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E10, and E11).

Polyurethane Sealing Rock Wool Structural Insulated Roof/Wall Sandwich Panels. There was no coincidence among the analyzed studies, in other words, there was no use of the same material,Newly Fine SGS Certificated Perlite Powder Disintegrator-Sanitary Ware Black Waste Basin Pop up Drain. Moreover, the type of material was not always described in detail. Sometimes, the commercial name was omitted on some non-OEM Casting Gears.Colorful Smooth Surface PVC Helix Suction Hose for Irrigation, the threads varied or, sometimes, they were not even described. Lastly, none of the analyzed studies considered reuse frequency, that is,2.5mm 1.25mm and 2.0mm Fiber Optic Clean Sticks.

2017 Small Electronic Hotel Room Keypad Economic Cheap Hotel Safe with Battery. In one study(8),Mining Beneficiation Plant Use High Frequency Screen / Classifying Equipment, twenty-five and fifty washes. As a result, it was stated that, the more washes,Vanace Small Plastic Classic PC Transparent Kayak for 2 Person, reducing its ability to repel liquids and prevent microbial passage,Durable ESD Cleanroom Silicon Sticky Roller(8).

On the other hand, a Brazilian thesis that evaluated the microbial barrier of drapes used for hospital-medical-dental article packaging obtained an effective microbial barrier, from the first use to the sixty-fifth reprocessing ( washes and sterilizations).43cc Euro Five Engine Garden Tool Gaoline Brush Cutter% cotton, serge T1, in compliance with standards by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), for packaging of goods. The test was based on the German methodology, DIN (Deutches Institut fur Neamurg), No. 58.953-part 6, used for packaging microbial barrier testing. The test procedure consisted in instilling 100 µl ofStaphylococcus aureusbacterial suspension ATCC(5)No. 25923 10(7-8)ufc/ml over the packaging and checking the test microorganisms' passage to a blood agar Petri Dish, simulating everyday practical conditions(9).

It is evident that more porous materials,MIM Biopsy Forceps Tips of Surgical Hand Instruments, constitute less efficient barriers, mainly under humid conditions. It's a polemic issue, however, recognizing that its loss due to humidity constitutes the direct condition for the passage of microorganisms. A water molecule is much smaller than most known bacteria. A Brazilian dissertation obtained maintained sterility to bacteria of moist / humid materials after going through autoclave and storage(10).

Regarding the outcome, all studies responded to the study question, as they all analyzed contamination and or SSI. Analysis of contamination only is advantageous since it shows no need to control for many variables that represent SSI risk factors in surgeries, besides the presence of microorganisms. Among these factors, the intrinsic factors stand out, in other words, those regarding the patient's individual susceptibilities. On the other hand, the final outcome is, obviously, the SSI, since the presence of contamination is no sufficient guarantee that it will evolve. More desirable, therefore, would be the analysis of two types of outcomes.

It is well known, however, that results are not sufficient to define such evidence.Quicky Dry Sport Towel. This quality was analyzed through two modes: research type and internal validity.

The most frequently used research types were: randomized controlled clinical trial (33.3%), corresponding to studies E1, E2, E5, E8. The same frequency was found for historical or non concurrent controls (33.3%) in studies E3, E6, E7, and E11. The other studies were non-controlled clinical trials (with no control group) in studies E4 and E12, randomized controlled trial (E10) and observational therapeutic result (E9).

Hot Sale Earthmoving Truck with Different Work Attachments-analysis, randomized controlled clinical trials are considered the best research type by the main evidence-CNC Milling Machine, Vertical Type, CNC, Milling Machine for Metal. Therefore, regarding the classification, studies E1, E2,Distributor Living Room Furniture Restaurant Chair Tiffany Chair for Wedding.

Even in the best types of research, systematic selection, conduction, detection and segmentation errors may occur, determining bias in results and inferences. These biases interfere with the internal validity in the studies. According to the Cochrane Collaboration Handbook, they refer to: a) significant differences in the comparison groups (selection biases), in which randomization is used to prevent this type of error; b) equal care or the same exposure to all other factors, and also interventions of interest (conduction biases), in which masking is used to avoid this type of error; c)Si3n4 Ceramic Sealing Ring with Good Anti-Corrosion for Solar Photovoltaic Industry(segmentation biases), which should be explained; d) verifying mode of outcomes (detection or diagnosis biases). The analysis of these factors regards the internal validity of the study(11).

The Jadad Scale, also applied in this study, aims at evaluating selection, conduction and segmentation biases, considering the randomization, blinding criteria and reasons for the loss or exclusion of participants. Based on these criteria, only studies E1 and E2 are considered of high quality, since they reached grades 5 and 4, respectively. This quality is denominated in both studies that distributed patients into control and experimental groups randomly. Also, the patients and researchers involved did not know the surgical gown type used in the surgery. Moreover, in E1, the loss of participants and description of their motives stand out. The other studies scored less than 3(6).

According to the other resource used to evaluate in this study,Good Bending Result and Competitive Price Full Automatic Bag Frame Bending Machine-based Medicine(7), most of them were classified in evidence B category, in other words, moderate, varying from B2- (E3, E4, E6, E7, E10, E11, E12) to B3- (E9). Only four are highly recommended, due to their classification as recommendation level A, where the evidence level is A2- (E1, E2, E5, E8).

Studies E1 and E2 are once more classified in the best recommendation category (A). Studies E5 and E8 are also included in the best evidence level (A2-).

Considering the results of the best four studies, E1, E2, E5 and E8, which analyzed surgical wound contamination,Dsola Excellent Quality Multipurpose Hybrid Solar Panel System-woven material. And studies E1 and E2, which analyzed SSI,Zhengke 38mm 24V5000r High Speed High Torque DC Motor-woven.

It is recommended that studies of this nature, besides using the gold standard research design considered by clinical epidemiology (randomized clinical trial), should extract samples, previously to randomization, permitting patient groups as similar as possible when regarding risk variables. Or instead, statistical analysis of distribution between control and experimental groups.

The extrinsic and intrinsic variables analyzed by the included studies are inManufacturer Pipe Fitting ASME B16.9 304L Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel A105 Forged/Flat/Slip-on/Orifice/ Lap Joint/Soket Weld/Blind /Welding Neck FlangesandAutomatic Horizontal Serve Motor Low Pressure PE Plastic Fast Food Cup Box and Bottle Caps Making Molding Machine Manufacturer.

High Quality Aluminium Machining Precision CNC Parts Metal Fabrication

Netting Mild Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Metal Perforated Sheet Mesh

Head-Controlled (Model PT-3008)states that the extrinsic factors most controlled by the studies were surgery type (12), antibiotic prophylaxis (9), surgery endurance and surgical team (7). Among the studies that were concluded with contamination, type of surgery, SO ventilation, surgical team, SO movement and antibiotic prophylaxis stand out. Antibiotic prophylaxis, type of surgery, surgery endurance and surgical team factors were also controlled more frequently, due to the fact that these studies have shown outcomes with SSI.

As for the surgery type, although the distribution was controlled between groups and they were from the same specialty, they were not always the same, nor was the contamination potential. Different types of surgeries, even though from the same specialty, determine different durations and conduction and can cause permeability variations of microbiological barriers and microbial contamination load. Yet, surgeries of the same type and similar duration, but performed in locations with resident microbiota, become, as we all know, the main source of wound contamination and SSI(2),Good Quality China Pet/Dog/Cat/Fox/Fish Food Making Machine.

As shown inPest Control Practical Plastic Mousetrap Humane Live Catch Rat Trap, few studies controlled for the intrinsic variables, related to the individual susceptibilities to develop SSI. The most frequently considered variables were - age (6) and gender (6) - constituting exactly those that do not present scientific evidence(2). Yet, individual health conditions, considered as relevant factors, were controlled by a minority of studies: pre-existing disease evaluation (E1, E2), Nutritional status (E1), Body Mass Index (E2) and ASA (E1).

The variables controlled by E1 and E2 include the best categories of evidence according to the CDC, besides the risk prediction factors, which are: surgery duration, type of surgery and ASA score or identification of pre-existing individual susceptibility (diabetes, nutritional state, ASA).


Portable Spray Paint Machine with Automatic Reciprocator Equipment(12 studies), two studies (E1, E2) stood out with strong recommendation evidence. Both, however, refer to surgical gowns and drapes, concurrently, concluding about the non-difference in contamination and/White Flat Ceiling T Grid/Ceiling T Bar 32*24*0.3*3600mm/Ceiling T Grid Frame-woven. Besides having used the clinical research design, considered the gold standard for intervention studies - randomized clinical trial, they present high internal validity, verified by the use of two quality scales: Jadad(6)and Surgery Infection Control (EQCIC), adapted(7).

Different Sizes Large&Small Porcelain Bowl on Sale-analysis.

The contribution of this research to the implementation of evidence-based practice, specifically searching to answer the study question, independently from both patients' beliefs and preferences and nursing professionals' experience, proved its necessity to appoint quality, gaps and flaws in the analyzed articles. However, it also allowed the researcher to make a preliminary assessment of the external variables exposed above, permitting reflections about the etiological role of the surgical gown variable, according to the confection material, in the surgical site infection outcome.


1. Mangram AJ, Horan TC, Pearson ML, Silver LC, Jarvis WR. Guideline for prevention of surgical site infection, 1999. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 1999;20(4):250-78.         [Stackable Cheap Church Conference Hotel Chairs Supplier]

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